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Washing Vinegar No. 3 Refresh, Pine & Orange

Washing Vinegar No. 3 Refresh, Pine & Orange

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SEES laundry vinegar is a high-quality fabric softener suitable for white and colored laundry. Contains only organic vinegar and pure aromas of essential oils. No water added.

While most fabric softeners obscure unpleasant odors, laundry vinegar neutralizes it. It closes textile fibers maintaining the textile's colours bright and preventing dirt and dust from sticking.

The scent of vinegar disappears completely as the textile dries, leaving only a clean, mild scent of essential oils. The scent of bergamot balances and brings serenity in the middle of everyday life. The fragrance blend is complemented by the essential oil of lemon, which refresh the mind. Laundry vinegar extends the life of the garment, removes electricity, improves the absorbency of towels and other soft textiles and even cleans the washing machine.

Shake before each use. Add 2-3 capfuls to the the fabric softener compartment of a washing machine.

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