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Workshop Textile Block Print

Workshop Textile Block Print

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Learn the technique of stamp printing.

With many different floral or geometric stamp motifs you have the possibility to print your own product.

3 hours courses for CHF 100.- per person. We will do some regular workshops on Thursday from 6 - 9pm or you can book your private workshop for you and your friends. From 3 to 6 people are possible

In the price included is all our material like stamps, the screen printing colors, paper for the color concept, pieces of fabric for the first print trials.

Excl. your product to be printed, you bring it yourself. If you are unsure what to bring, just send me an email!

Your product has to be.....

All products must be washed and ironed from 100% natural fibers e.g. cotton, linen, hemp or viscose.

e.g. normal fabrics for further processing, T-shirts, baby bodies, fabric bags, neccessaires, placemats, kitchen towels, kitchen apron, blouses, light jeans, old clothes to pep up, old fabrics to process etc.

If you need any products to print on, we have plenty in the store. You can choose them before or even during the workshop. We are happy to give you a 30% off for the products you want to print on. We have cotton bags, t-shirts, kitchen towels, hammam towels, kimonos, etc.

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